Friday, May 20, 2016

Raise Your Physical Vibration Tips

Raising the physical body vibration is the most commonly overlooked aspect in people who are highly spiritual.  Unfortunately, our world does not support having a high physical vibration.  Our medicines, once natural and earth given, are now manufactured and sterile of the life-giving, sacred energy we crave.  Physical vibrations are easy to raise, but require consistent conscientious choices.

1.  Exercise:  Moving your body, your God-given tool of existence, will keep your parts in motion and prevent stagnation.  Stagnation allows  illness to develop.  Without energy moving through the body, the body’s vibrational aura is dull and lifeless.  Dance, yoga, walking, low impact cardio, & sports are all wonderful ways to keep your body moving to prevent stagnation.

2.  Eating Organic:  While eating organic has been a topic of debate for quite some time, it has been clearly proven in many independent, scientific studies that pesticides have been linked to cancers, ADHD, mental illnesses, and renal failures.

3.  Eating Raw:  Eating a dose of raw, organic foods is like eating from garden of spiritual energy.  Pure energy in raw fruits and vegetables will raise your vibration tremendously.

4.  Choose Healthier Options:  Sometimes there are just no great options available.  In our world of fast food and the hurry ups, it is important to make each little choice count.  Choosing ice tea over soda will absolutely affect your vibration and energy levels.  Choosing a salad over a burger will also matter.

5.  Choose Natural Healing:  We all get sick from time to time with a little virus or sometimes a bigger health challenge.  Unfortunately today’s pharmaceuticals can do more damage than they do good.  By researching your own diagnosis from your doctor and talking with a wellness provider, you can be proactive in your healing through natural methods.  Some great choices for natural healing include: superfoods, learn herbal remedies at home, environmental changes, learn energy work at home, massage, acupuncture, acupressure, and EFT to name a few.  Of course, the best way to deal with disease is through prevention.

Raising your vibration and building your intuition  work together seamlessly. Consider working on building up your intuitive skills with my ebook: Build Your Intuition. There are measurable exercises to have you tapping into your soul goddess immediately. (Link goes to my etsy store.)

Wendy XOXO

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