Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Tips to Raise Your Mental Vibration

Tips to Raise Your Mental Vibration

The ways to raise your vibration are plentiful.  Because your vibration is an accumulated energy communication from each aspect of your being: body, mind, and soul; it is important to be aware that you can raise your vibrations in all of these aspects of being.

Raising Mind Vibrations:

1.  Stay Aware of Your Thoughts:  By staying aware of your thoughts you can stop negative and unwanted thoughts from playing out and communicating negativity to your energy. Being vigilant of your thoughts and stopping negative thought patterns will dramatically increase your vibration.

2.  Think Positively:  By thinking positively, you allow the silver lining in every cloud to make itself known to you.  There are always good things that come with bad.  The trick is to stay positive and open minded enough to notice them.

3.  Keep Learning:  By continuing your education through books, workshops, and seminars, you allow your mind to keep busy processing new information.  Who has time to be negative when you are constantly learning and feeding your mind?

4. Exercise Your Mind: Your mind is a muscle. When you let your mind drift too often into television or entertainment, the muscle becomes weak, which allows the hippocampus part of your brain to be overused. Set yourself up for success by surrounding yourself with tools to keep your mind active. Puzzles, games, and books you find inspirational are great ways to keep your mind in a positive frame.

Vibration and intuition work together seamlessly. When your vibration is high, your intuition is high. Consider building upon your intuition to help raise your vibration with my ebook: The Bridge to Intuitive Living. Click on the cover on the right side and it will take you to it.

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