Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tips to Raise Your Spiritual Connection

Here are a couple tips to raise your spiritual connection and vibration.

1.  Meditation:  Meditation is by far the easiest way to raise your spiritual vibration and connection.  Meditation is like a battery recharging station for the spirit.  It helps clear your mind, your emotions, and even your body of physical aches and stagnant energy.

2.  Prayer:  Praying for another is a great way to raise your spirit’s vibration.

3.  Participating in Energy Work:  Reiki, Pranic Energy, and Quantum Touch are methods of direct vibration rising.  Whether done for yourself or others, energy work is just as effective as meditation and can be used in conjunction with meditation. Book a session with Secrets of Sedona for just $10.

Raising your vibration and building your intuition work together seamlessly. Consider learning how to build your intuition and tap into your soul vibration with my ebook: Build Your Intuition. (Click the link to my Etsy Shop.)

I'm excited for you to begin this journey. I wish I could relive how wonderful it was to feel so connected for the first time. Everything was magical.

Wendy XO

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