Sunday, July 2, 2017

Day 2: Plant Based Eating Challenge

Hopefully your first day of plant based eating wasn't too difficult. If you take the time to plan things out, it is smashingly simple.

Here is how we laid out our Day 2.

Breakfast: For breakfast, like in Day 1, we usually do a smoothie. However there are some days when a smoothie just won't cut it. For days when you need something a bit more solid in you, check out this satisfying breakfast recipe.

Quinoa Veggie Vegan Breakfast Bowl

(You'll want to make extra because heating this up for a 2nd day of breakfast tastes amazing.)

Lunch: I'm a salad girl for lunch. Salads have just enough chew factor to make it the day satisfying. This is another recipe you can easily double or triple to munch on for a few days.

Greek Salad Vegan & Delicious

Dinner: One of the biggest things we miss about being plant based is our Asian flavors, orange chicken especially. It isn't that we miss the chicken, just the orange flavor and the textures of it. I make this for our meat eating friends and family. The flavors are Spot on. Enjoy!

Orange Cauliflower

Enjoy your plant based, healthy life!

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