Friday, September 1, 2017

A Bee Prayer of Transformation & Intuition

Have you ever watched closely as the dutiful honey bees carefully gathered the white dust of pollen from the purple-petaled "balloons” in front of us, I recognized that they seem to have perfected the whole work-life balance thing that so many of us strive for.

Being as intuitive as a bee, working diligently to transform and fertilize our own be(e)-ing, should be a daily part of our lives.
Dancing from flower to flower, it was hard to say whether they are working or playing. Living fully in each moment, they seem to be accomplishing both. Why can't you? 
The following prayer captures the essence of the sacred bee and holds some sweetness for all of us...
A Bee Prayer
Winged spirit of sweetness, I call on you.
Teach me the ways of transformation and fertilization,
The path from pollen to sweetest honey.
Teach me to taste the essence of each place I alight,
Carrying that essence with me to continue creation’s cycle.
Teach me the ways of hope, reminding me the ways of hope,
Reminding me that what seems impossible may yet be achieved.
Flitting tears of the gods, draw me ever closer to the wisdom
hidden within beauty.
Give me flight and sunlight, passion and productivity,
Cooperation with those around me, and sharpened strength to
defend my home.
May I ever spiral out from my heart, searching for what I need,
And return there once again to turn those lessons into nourishment. 
Bee spirit, I call to you. 
— borrowed from A Book of Shadows

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