Thursday, October 26, 2017

Benefits of Learning Reiki II and Master Reiki Levels

Reiki Level One has taken the internet by storm and I am so excited about the continuation of Reiki teaching with Reiki Level Two and Master Reiki levels.

If you are uncertain if Reiki Level Two or Master Reiki is for you, let's talk about the benefits of continuing on your Reiki journey and how it will transform your life.

Reiki Benefits:

1. Self healing: With Reiki Level One (Free Attunement here), your awareness increases and your self healing and higher self is more easily accessible. When you expand with Reiki II and Master Reiki, self healing becomes even easier and your intuitive higher self becomes always present with practice of Master Reiki.

2. Eliminates Anxiety & Worry: When any person has access to their higher self, or their Holy Spirit as some religions will call it, anxiety and worry melt away because you feel as you are one with your creator, one with the universe, or one with your highest self.

3. Enhances Inner Peace: As a Reiki Master, inner peace and inner knowing is a wonderful symptom to have in life. Life will still present it's stressors, but being a Reiki Master provides the tool and inner calmness to deal with problems as they arise.

4. Become more Grounded & Balanced: Imagine being able to ground yourself by touching 2 fingers together, that is what being a Reiki Master is like with years of practice. Something sets off an imbalance for you? As a Reiki Master, you'll be able to regain your inner balance and ground your energy in a matter of seconds, just by the power of your thought.

5. Increases Confidence & Self Love: As a Reiki Master your confidence will increase and your self love will increase because you can stay and remain connected to your source for self healing and the healing of others.

6. The Body will Heal Itself: When you practice Reiki daily as a Reiki Master, you bring about such balance in your body that it can heal itself of imbalances as they arise physically.

7. More Courage and Less Fear: As a Reiki Master, you live from your soul space. Your soul does not know fear, your mind and past experiences create fear. When you practice as a Reiki Master every day, your soul will grow and you will be able to live with courage and conviction without the pressure of fear.

8. Ignite Your Soul's Purpose: With the self healing that Reiki provides each Master who practices Reiki, and the soul becomes aligned inside the physical body, the soul lives it's purpose through you. Some will call this living God's will, some will call it living with a higher sense of purpose, others will call it soul full living. Your purpose is awaiting you.

9. Creativity Abounds: As a Reiki Master, creative energy is sparked through the soul and waits to be expressed. Practicing Master Reiki awakens the creative force within us.

10. Clarity & Intuition Expand: Many people practice Reiki just for this benefit and it is a life changing benefit. When you are living in such a high vibration from a soul purpose, your intuitive self and inner guidance becomes a natural part of who you are.

11. Trusting the Universe: Your alignment with soul living expands your trust in your self and in the universe to provide for all your needs and desires.

12. Gratitude Expands: The happiest people in the world are those who remain grateful throughout their lives. Practicing Master Level of Reiki increases your gratitude for life and allows compassion to flow through your soul.

13. You Can Help Others Heal: The #1 benefit to being a Reiki Master is this ability. Even if people don't realize they come to you for healing, your soul full living experience will attract others who are seeking to live the same way. It is the law of attraction.

You will have access to knowledge of how to help pets, plants, and people will Master Reiki practice and living.

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