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FREE Reiki I Attunement & Healing: Chapter Two

If you are stumbling upon this without reading the first chapter you may want to begin here: Chapter One.

After you have finished your Reiki One Attunement, you may choose to learn the other attunements through this same method in my digitally published book on Amazon titled: Reiki Self Attunements: Learn Reiki I, Reiki II, & Master Reiki. Certificates of Completion are also available with these attunements! Directions for how to obtain your certificate is in the text.

Chapter Two

Reiki is pronounced ray-key. It is the combination of two Japanese words Rei, meaning universal and Ki meaning life energy. Universal Life Energy is what Reiki is. What are we made of? If you said universal life energy, you’d be correct. So are every other living thing, plants, animals, rocks, trees, and everything in between.

Reiki is an electrical charge, like I refer to in my Intuition series of eBooks. In a sense, you are a transmitter of electricity. When you craft your intention carefully and bring the electrical charge through your intention, you get a transmission of energy for whatever reason you designated: healing stress, healing illness, bringing abundance, etc. This intentional charge of energy can be used throughout the right now: the past, the present, and the future.

The electrical charge of Reiki balances the electrical centers of the physical body: the chakras. This lets our physical body be nourished and become balanced, which is the predecessor for all healing. Healing cannot occur without balance being in place.

Reiki attunements give the ability to be this transmitter of energy for yourself and others. In Reiki Level I, it is designated learning to practice upon you. The purpose is to connect with your higher power and increase your balance with Reiki Level I. You will grow your natural ability to heal with this life force energy and you’ll be on your path to becoming a healer for others after you have mastered your own imbalances and dis-ease. In Reiki Level II, you will be introduced to symbol usage and begin a real practice on others. In Master Level Reiki, you will be able to attune others and awaken the healing life force within all who come to you.

When you use Reiki, it will enter your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual body. It will envelop you. You will breathe Reiki in and become aware of every tiny molecule in your body receiving healing when you are in the right now with Reiki.

Reiki will flow and enter into the energy field of others around you. People will automatically become more balanced when they are around you, and you’ll find that some people will want to be around you all the time. This is so that they can heal. Reiki energy has its own consciousness and doesn’t need permission to be what it is. When people need balance, they will seek out your presence. Be aware of this change in life dynamics. I often hear: I am just drawn to you and I’m not sure why.

Reiki Symbols
The Reiki Symbols have a lot of mystery surrounding them. Let me demystify them for you.
The symbols are not magic. The symbols need not to be a perfect representation of what other Reiki Masters use. If you cannot draw them, give it no mind. Let me explain:

I will use a stop sign as an example. If you were in another country and saw the red STOP sign in another language while you were driving, what would you do? Would you stop? And look in both directions?

Of course you would. The universal stop sign in bright red is a way of training the conscious mind to an unconscious level. When you see a stop sign, do you always think: I must stop? Or do you stop automatically without thinking? Do you need to visualize the perfect stop sign in order to imagine yourself stopping? Of course not.

The Reiki symbols work in the same manner. At first, it will take you a certain amount of time to learn the symbols. This time is training your conscious mind to know them. After you know them, they become an unconscious part of you. The symbols do not need to be perfect. The symbols are only a representation of the energy Reiki Masters have assigned them.

You will begin to learn the symbols, their meaning, and how to use them in your Reiki Level II Attunement and Awakening.

Giving Reiki
When you give Reiki to another person, you are a transmitter of energy. It will flow through you. When you receive the Master attunement, you will be able to transmit this energy in an unlimited way. You’ll be able to call upon the Reiki healing by just a thought, or just a touch, or a call upon one of the symbols. It will flow from you upon beckoning. The reasoning isn’t because the Master Attunement is magical. The very scientific reason is because your consciousness learns and adapts to new information one level at a time. The more you use Reiki, the more you will understand.

Reiki can be transmitted through thought and can be transmitted through the palms. Traditional Reiki Masters use their hands and hand positions. Each healer must find the way that Reiki works best with them. In this attunement and awakening, I will be using thought. Remember that thought becomes words becomes action, like is taught to us in A Course in Miracles. Every thought is very powerful and through this thought energy, Reiki heals.

Reiki Attunement
The attunement is a sacred process. It is a meditation with a very specific intent. The first attunement, Reiki I. is to connect you to your higher self so Reiki energy can flow through you to create balance. 

In the 2nd and Master Attunements, you will also learn the Reiki symbols to help you call upon Reiki energy with just a thought. There are other attunements and awakenings available after you have mastered the 3 main attunements: Removing Energetic Cords, Healing Cancer with Reiki, Psychic Skill Growth with Reiki, and Accessing the Akashic Records with Reiki.

Chakras and Reiki
Reiki is an important tool for keeping chakra balance and health. When a chakra becomes blocked, it creates an imbalance. When there is an imbalance, illness can occur and disease can manifest. Reiki can restore balance and unblock chakras precisely where it is needed for healing, building health, and nourishing the physical body.

The Seven Chakras:

Root Chakra, located at the base of the spine is linked to our survival instincts and our ability to ground ourselves in the physical world. When this chakra is free flowing in energy, we know that we can have our basic needs met. Anxiety is often considered a blockage of the Root Chakra.
Karma is the universal law that governs the root chakra. Every action results in a corresponding action. Knowing this, you can clear your root chakra through choosing excellent actions in accordance with universal law. The color red is often associated with the root chakra named muladhara.

For example, you cannot choose to eat junk food and expect to feel healthy for a long period of time. However you can eat a balanced, plant based diet and expect to feel energized and full of vitality.

Second Chakra is located behind the navel and is connected to our sexuality and reproductive capacity. It is also associated with our creative energies.

When your energy is flowing freely in your second chakra, this means the universal law of least effort is alive and flowing through you. People who have abundant energy in their second chakra are actively creating their own life experiences.

A blockage in the second chakra named svadhishtana will show itself as being a victim of circumstances and life. The color orange is associated with the second chakra.

Third Chakra is located behind the solar plexus and gives us a sense of power in the world. When this chakra is open and energy is flowing through it, one will find that manifestation of desires comes most easily.

The third chakra named manipura is governed by the universal law of intention and desire. This chakra is associated with the color yellow and when energy is blocked, one will often feel frustrated and not very effective in their work or life.

Heart Chakra is located at the heart and gives us the ability to express and receive love. The universal law of giving and receiving governs this chakra and its energy. When energy is flowing freely, one will feel connected to the universe, as though they are one with every living thing.

This chakra’s name is anahata, and is associated with the color green. When this chakra is blocked, the person will feel alienated and separated from people, life, and even family.

Throat Chakra is located in the throat and is connected to our ability to communicate. When this chakra is free flowing, communication often seems so simple and easy. When this chakra is blocked, one can feel as if nothing they say is ever heard or important.

This chakra is named visshuddha and is associated with the color blue. The universal law of detachment governs this chakra. Remember to speak freely without concern of criticism but to speak kindly, with pure intent.

Third Eye Chakra is located between the eyebrows and is the center of our intuition and awareness. This chakra’s name is ajna and is associated with the color purple. When energy is free flowing through your third eye chakra you know are connected to your higher self. Your awareness is heightened and you will have a clear sense of your purpose.

Governed by the universal law of cause and effect, one will realize an energy blockage by feeling self doubt or mistrust for self.

Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head and is connected to our personal purpose and spiritual connection to the universe. This chakra’s name is dahaswara and is associated with the color violet. When this chakra is in balance and energy is flowing through it, all the chakras are in balance.
If one chakra is out of balance, it affects the others. One cannot have a chakra imbalance and have balance in the crown chakra. The crown chakra is governed by the law of potential, reminding us that we are all spirits in human form.

Setting Intention
The most important thing you can learn from your Reiki I experience is learning to gain control and awareness over your intentions. I’m sure you’ve heard the cliché: The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it all. Intentions are powerful.
Your intention with Reiki must be precise and clear. You cannot be thinking about your grocery list or anything else when you are transmitting Reiki energy. Well, you can, but healing will only go so far without precise intention. Take the time to write out your intention and get it right.

Your intention is precisely what Reiki is going to do. Personally, I repeat my intention throughout the Reiki sessions. You do not have to dwell on it, but say it enough that the energy behind the intention is clear to you.

You may want to keep an intention journal just for your Reiki practice. I find that keeping a journal allows me to focus on pure energy and meditate with the intention more easily.

Sending Reiki without Permission
Traditional Reiki frowns upon this, however, if the intention is only for the highest good of the receiver, past, present, or future, I feel that it is only justified for a healer to do so. Using Reiki to spy upon people is certainly not within the Reiki principles or doing the highest good of all.

Reiki Lineage
Many Reiki Masters will ask about lineage of Reiki. Lineage is just not important nor is it relevant to being a healer. Being attuned by someone who knew Dr. Usui would be a great ego boost, but I’m not sure how that would make them a better healer. Be wary of people who dwell on lineage of Reiki. It is a sure sign that Reiki principles are not being followed and intentions are not being set for the overall good of humanity.

The Attunement
Before your self-attunement, you will want to sit and write out a very precise intention.  Something like this perhaps: I am open to receiving the gift of Reiki healing energy.

When the attunement is given, your chakras will be opened and cleared. There will be a transfer of energy from person to person, from me to you. You will be connected to source energy with a strong flow. You may feel flushed. You may feel heat. You may even feel your chakras opening and tingling. 

You may receive messages from people who have passed on to the other side. Each person will experience something completely different. There is no right or wrong. There could be visions; there could just be a sense of relaxation.

After the attunement, you will be processing the energy throughout your body. If there were emotional imbalances, you may cry a lot. Everyone progresses differently when it comes to clearing and healing. Please take your time and do not rush this integration process. Just practice moving the energy through you, and take note of the healing that occurs after each self session.

You will start to sense a change and feel the healing consciously.  Imbalances occur mentally, emotionally, and spiritually before they become physical manifestations. So be aware of issues that arise after your attunement and see them as opportunities to heal the imbalances once and for all.

When you begin to work with others, please remember that illness takes an incredibly long time to develop physically. When you are working with illness, many people will want an instant miracle fix. Reiki is a not a miracle fix, but a conscious movement of healing energy to create balance. Reiki can work as fast as the person receiving the healing can do their healing work.

There is no time recommendation from me on when one can receive the next attunement. Your guides and your higher self will know when you are ready to integrate fully into the next level of Reiki.

Reiki can never cause harm.
Reiki can be used to contact spirits.
Reiki can be used to smudge or clear energy.
Reiki can be used for protection.

Before and after all Reiki sessions, it is a good idea to wash your hands. Cleansing the hands of leftover imbalances is a way to protect you from any negative leftovers of any Reiki session.

Always clear the room you are in with Reiki symbols before and after a Reiki session for another person after you are practicing Reiki Level II and Master Reiki.

Keep your focus on your set intention. Personally, I like to use crystals for this. Quartz crystals and points expand upon Reiki energy and can make your Reiki work even more powerful than by doing it with intention alone.

Always clear and ground yourself with Reiki before and after each session. To clear and ground your energy, remove your shoes. Circle universal energy above you in the stars by moving it with your mind. Bring this clean, clear energy down through your head and into your body, out through your toes. Continue to move the energy into the earth to cleanse and ground. Then bring the energy back up into your toes, through your body and out your crown chakra back into the stars.

Some people will cleanse and ground in the opposite direction, and that’s ok, too. Some will start with ground energy and go up, then come back down through.

I prefer the star to ground to star method. It just feels right for me. You pick the method that works for you. After you practice your preferred method, you’ll find that cleansing and grounding will only take seconds whereas in the beginning it took much longer. Practice is a lovely thing!

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