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FREE Reiki I Attunement & Healing: Chapter Four

You may have stumbled upon this attunement without reading the previous chapters, if that is the case, start with Chapter One, Two, or Three to prepare you for this part of the Reiki One Attunement.

Chapter Four

1st Level Reiki Attunement

If you find variations in my teaching process from what you’ve been taught, there are no worries. There are many variations of learning Reiki. They all have the same outcome.

In this process, I will ask you to visualize. If you have trouble visualizing, just do your best and know that Reiki will guide you. Your intention for receiving this attunement is the most powerful aspect behind your success as a Reiki provider.

During this attunement, the power symbol will be placed into your palms when they are opened in front of your solar plexus chakra. The power symbol looks like this:

I will also be placing the Master Symbol over your head, which looks like this:

What happens after your attunement?

1. You are now a Reiki Healer.

2. Your Chakras are now opened and you are connected to your higher self and source.

3. You are able to transmit Reiki through your palms.

4. Your experience of time and space will be different.

5. Your awareness will grow.

6. You will become more intuitive and psychic.

7. Your ability to manifest will increase dramatically.

Prepare your space for your Reiki attunement. Read through the attunement process below and prepare your intention and space to receive before repeating this process with visualization for the attunement.

Read through the directions carefully one or two times below. When you are ready to receive, place this text near you to help you visualize me standing behind you, offering you Reiki healing and attunement.

Go through each step, visualize the energy and take as much time as you need for it to pulse through you.

Reiki Level I Attunement and Awakening

1. Place your hands in the prayer position. Visualize me placing both of my hands upon your head for 15-30 seconds as I connect with your energy.

2. I will draw the Master symbol over your head while you focus on your quartz crystal or a candle. I will move this symbol through your Crown chakra, down through your root chakra, into the earth. I will then bring back the earth energy through your root chakra back up through your Crown Chakra. Feel this energy moving through you by visualizing it.

3. Raise your hands to the crown chakra position.

4. I will draw the power symbol into the air above your hands. Visualize this energy going down your hands, into the crown chakra and moving throughout your body.

5. Place your hands in the prayer position in front of your heart chakra.

6. Open your hands, palm up, ready to receive.

7. Visualize power and energy moving into your third eye chakra. Feel it move down to your root chakra, or base of your spine.

8. Feel the power going into your hands and down to your root chakra.

9. Place your hands in the prayer position in front of the heart chakra. Visualize and see the energy moving from your crown chakra down through your chakras to the earth. Then return the cleansed energy back up through your chakras to your crown.

10. Feel the blessing from the universe. Repeat 3 times: I am a powerful and aware Reiki Healer.

11. Visualize the back of your neck being blessed and sealed and repeat: This Reiki process is now sealed with divine love and wisdom.

12. We have both been blessed by the process. Namaste.

Please take a few moments and journal any experiences, feelings, visions, or thoughts you had during this process. You’ll want to keep a Reiki journal and practice Reiki every day.

Practice Reiki daily by clearing the room with energy after you ground and cleanse yourself. Then slowly move the energy through your body with the intention you set. Perhaps you want to give Reiki to pets, plants, or a trusted friend. Please remember to always ground and clear before and after.

To ground your energy, simple move the energy from your crown chakra down through your other chakras, into the earth, and back up through your crown chakra. This energy movement balances the chakras, cleanses your energy centers and restores balance. After this process is complete, introduce your intention and move the energy with the intention attached.

Your process of Reiki I is now complete.
Blessed Be.

Welcome to the Reiki Family.

When you are ready to learn Reiki II and Master Level of Reiki, both attunements with certificates of completion are available here: Reiki Self Attunement on Amazon.

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