Friday, October 13, 2017

Plant Based Eating Increases Spiritual Connection

Eating a plant based diet has been one of the most powerful aspects of my own spiritual path. I share my plant based diet plan in my book The Bridge to Intuitive Living (link on sidebar). It was a slow process. Growing up in the Midwest on a farm, dairy, and working ranch, meat eating is a way of life that I had to change for my own health reasons.

When I told my Grandmother (whom I write about in my herbal lessons) that I was going to be changing to a plant based diet, even she didn't understand. She is 91 years old, I hold no offense to her not understanding my choices. She doesn't see how the mass market of meat consumption is completely different than farm butchering. The corporate processes that are required are not healthy for the animals, and surely not healthy for us. Raising your own meat is a completely different process than purchasing from any store.

I'm not bashing meat eaters. I will never be that person. Nor will I tolerate anyone who bashes plant based eating. We all have different needs and it is our own personal responsibility to choose wisely for our own health, evolution, and spiritual connection.

If you have driven on I-5, north of Los Angeles and passed the stock yards of cattle standing in manure so rank you have to hold your breath, you know exactly what I am referring to. My Grandmother doesn't believe that is how the corporate world works. Even at 91, she has lived a very sheltered life. Infection and overpopulation in stockyards is the reality of store bought meat.

Take a moment and think about how you can increase your consumption of plants and maybe enjoy a meatless Monday. When I made the changes, I noticed a huge increase in intuitive awareness and the ability to feel my own feelings. Making changes all at once is not exactly healthy either. You can detox too quickly spurring a healing crisis, which can result in being sick. To avoid that, make the change slowly and gently.

After the movie What The Health was released, there has been a surge of plant based eating. If you haven't seen it and are health conscious, it will be something you won't soon forget. If you have Netflix streaming, I believe it is still available there.

As an empath, it was necessary for me to eat plant based because I was picking up the emotions of the animals I consumed. Fear, anger, anxiety, depression..... think about that. If you have a case of anxiety that doesn't fit with who you are and what you believe, try removing meat for a few days. Test it out and see if your empathy is picking up the vibrations of the animals like mine was.

If you are curious and would maybe like to try a plant based meal, here is a collection of recipes that is a great place to start. 28 Vegan Beginner's Recipes for Mouth Watering Ease

Brightest Blessings,
Rev. Wendy

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