Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Becoming an Herbalist At Any Age

It seems like lately herbs have been beckoning for us to use them in our daily life. How many times have you thought to yourself,"I wish I knew a natural remedy or herb for this or that."

Learning to use herbs has been so out of reach for most people. Who can afford the expensive classes? Even the cheaper classes are still expensive! Recipe books are great but there is so much missing information, or the information is so technical that is just doesn't make practical sense.

I have been teaching herbal mentoring for 4 years and I learned what everyone wants and needs for really utilizing herbal medicine. (And it isn't CLASSES!)

It is the accessibility of practical information that you can go into your garden and kitchen and use NOW. (And understand it!)

So I have shared my herbal learning journey and experience in this book: Becoming an Herbalist At Any Age. My Grandmother started teaching me when I was just a toddler. In this book, in the very first chapter, I teach you the same principles that will have you understanding plants on an intuitive and personal level.

Then you'll learn the methods on how to make Every Single Herbal Medicine there is. With recipes, instructions, and you'll be able to customize every formula for every ailment.

But I don't stop there. Then I go through 15 basic herbs and walk you through their benefits and how to use them.

What are people saying?

"This is the missing piece of herbal learning I have been searching for."

"Thank you so much for just saving me $5000 tuition into an herbal program that I really didn't want to take."

"My deepest gratitude to your Grandmother for teaching you in this manner. Now my children are learning herbs and plants right along with me. Incredible learning for so cheap!"

Becoming an Herbalist at Any Age is so simple that anyone can learn how to use herbs. Homeschool Moms are teaching their kids with this guide. Older kids are learning it on their own. Women and men of all ages can go to their local grocery store and use spices and fresh herbs as medicine after reading this.

Purchase your copy today!

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