Friday, November 17, 2017

Immune Boost Recipe: My Version of Fire Cider

There are a few key items I keep on hand during certain times of the year. I don't know about you but I really don't like colds, sore throats, or sniffles; nor do I appreciate the common or uncommon flu. I'm not a fan. So I have some secrets in my herb cabinet to keep my family from experiencing these. They don't always work on preventing every bug, but they cut our experiences of the sicklies by more than half.

How do I know? Because I pay attention.

Have you ever felt just *off* one morning? Like you couldn't pinpoint what was going on, but you chalked it up to just having a bad day? Then a couple days later you are in bed, with tissues and a butt load of things you bought at the drug store just to get you through? Sound familiar?

Yeah, I used to be that person, too.
But then I started making plants my medicine, and my prevention.
This is one of my prevention recipes.

After this is made, take one dropper full of Delightful Immune Boosting Tonic and mix it in a teaspoon of raw honey (not the teddy bear stuff), and swallow. The raw honey changes the taste of the tonic and makes it delightful enough that my finicky son will even take this.

The only trick to making this work prior to a cold, is to *remember* to take it as a daily preventative and not as the remedy! (But if you forget like we all do, it works great as a remedy, too.)

Immune Boosting Tonic Easy Recipe
You'll need:
Raw Apple Cider Vinegar
Fresh Garlic (2-3 cloves chopped finely, set aside to let allicin develop fully)
Turmeric (2-3 Tablespoons)
Cayenne Pepper (a Tablespoon)
Fresh Ginger (sliced and about half a cup)
Lime or Lemon (1 full size, 3-4 key limes if using)
Ginseng (1 Tablespoon)
Sage (2 Tablespoons)
Put all of your ingredients into a mason jar with a plastic lid (or use plastic wrap to cover before attaching metal lid), and pour your apple cider vinegar over the ingredients until full.
Shake it daily.
Strain and use after 2-3 weeks of shaking.
Bottle in little cobalt bottles with droppers.

(These make great gifts for your neighbors, too!)
*Sidenote* I just made this the other day and forgot my cayenne before I snapped the picture. Somehow it was in the fridge? I tell you, I live with monkeys. I poured a little into my hand (I'm not a measurer, I palm it), and I snorted it after throwing it in the jar. Sigh.

Don't snort cayenne.
Let that be your herbal tip for the day.
It wasn't pretty. LOL ~Although it sure made the kids laugh.~

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