Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Immune Boosting Turmeric Tea Recipe

There's a delicious healing immune boosting tea that has been revered in India since ancient times for its powerful effects. Down below, I've shared full details on how to make it, as well as some of the remarkable health benefits it possesses for your immune system.

The flavorful and potent formula below has been used as an immune boosting tea (in various forms) for over 2000 years in India and the Far East as a daily health tonic.

I’ve been making it quite a bit lately, because one of its main ingredients, turmeric, is a go-to cold remedy, among its hundreds of other benefits because of it's immune boosting powers.

Turmeric is known as the “Golden Goddess” because of the seemingly limitless number of health benefits in its golden-hued rhizome. Turmeric contains at least 20 antibiotic compounds, 14 known anti-cancer compounds, 10 antioxidants and 12 anti-inflammatory agents, to name a few. This recipe goes along beautifully with Herbalism: My Grandmother's Legacy. I write a lot about turmeric and how to best use it and when for immune boosting benefits.

The combination of turmeric, ginger, pepper and lemon is perfect for the colds and sore throats that come with the fall and winter months because of it's immune boosting properties to fight simple infections.

And when you add in the energizing and mood-elevating effects of tulsi (holy basil) plus a good honey, you’re left with a supercharged tea recipe that delights the taste buds.

Once you begin to harness the power of herbs, your tea kettle will take on a whole new meaning in your life and your health.

Turmeric Tea Recipe

3 cups water
1 fresh turmeric root (1 to 2 inches), peeled and thinly sliced
(*Or you can use dried turmeric powder)
1 ginger root (1 inch), thinly sliced
5 tulsi leaves (fresh or dried), whole
1 lemon, fresh squeezed
Pinch of ground black pepper
Raw honey to taste


- In a tea kettle or saucepan, add water, turmeric, ginger, pepper and tulsi.
- Bring to a boil and let cook for 10 minutes.
- Using a small strainer (optional), pour the liquid only into 2 serving cups.
- Squeeze 1/2 of a lemon into each cup.
- Add honey to taste.
- Serve and enjoy!

(If you used the dried forms of any of the herbs above, it’s a good idea to pour the tea through a strainer and then into serving cups.)

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