Thursday, February 7, 2019

Spiritual Life Coaching SALE

60% OFF Spiritual Life Coaching for a Limited Time!

When you pre-pay for 4 appointments, you'll get 60% off!

For a very limited time, 4, 1 hour spiritual life coaching sessions are $100. That's $25 per hour session! Email to schedule your free 15 minute initial session and lock your appointments in before they are sold out.

"Being with Reverend Wendy is like sitting with someone I've known forever. Even in our first phone dialog, she was present and really there. I felt heard and I knew she saw me for who I was, not what everyone judges me to be. She is a treasured confidant and spiritual mentor. I am blessed by her." ~Sherri O in Vancouver, WA

"I am not ashamed to admit that my wife and I were having a rough patch due to my perception of how family was supposed to relate. Rev. Wendy handled our difficulty and somehow created a space where we both felt the pressures of *what should be* just dissipate. We are forever grateful for your work with us." John & Fiona S in Portland, OR

"Growing up in a small area with small minded people had put a wedge into me being able to live my authentic lesbian life. With Rev. Wendy's encouragement and baby step process, I grew my confidence one step at a time. I am now in a loving and wonderful relationship that my family supports. I give credit to Rev. Wendy because without her, I don't think I could've made this progress as smoothly as I did." Greta N ~Tallahassee, FL

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