Friday, June 28, 2019

Birth Control Inhibits Relationship Chemistry?

This week a few of my friends have been talking and raving about a book titled: Sex at Dawn by Christopher Ryan. So I ran over to Amazon and downloaded the Kindle edition to read.

I found the book interesting and would definitely recommend reading it. Ryan documents history and the human sexual patterns from biblical times until now. One of the main reasons I bought the book was to read about why people cheat. (My ex cheated and our relationship and family dynamic failed because of that.)  I am not someone who can stay with someone who lies, cheats, or betrays. The author has other views on cheating that I personally do not agree with, but I can see how it could work for some.

One of the reasons that Ryan states that people may cheat, I found extremely interesting. Ryan says that birth control pills interfere with the chemistry between us that causes us to pick partners. The scent of a man or woman actually defines our level of compatibility, not only just in the bedroom, but in life. Birth control interferes with the hormones and a woman's scent as well as her ability to gauge her compatibility to her male partner through scent.

It is certainly interesting enough to share with you all.
Grab your copy: Sex at Dawn

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