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8 Herbs for Hormone Balance and Natural Fibroid Treatment: Top Hormone Solutions

Our diet dramatically effects our hormones. Coffee, meat, and even a few vegetables like soy and anything in the nightshade family can wreak havoc on hormones and cause a slew of issues, one being uterine fibroids. (Make sure to check out the Top Hormone Solutions list at the end of this blog post.)

There are herbs that can help balance estrogen levels and allow fibroids to shrink on their own, over time. Fibroids are usually harmless, but can be alarming when first discovered as they can be the size of a grapefruit and put pressure on surrounding organs, like the bladder. Smaller fibroids are rarely noticed.

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Hormone Balancing Herbs

Reishi Mushroom is a potent cellular antioxidant and an adaptogen that fights the aging process. Traditional Medicinals makes a simple Reishi Mushroom tea that is quite nice to sip or make as a sun tea in the summer.

Milk Thistle is clinically shown to heal the liver and help it regenerate. If only I had known this as a kid when I was paid by my Grandfather to chop down every milk thistle on our Midwest family farm. Milk thistles would take over entire pastures and crops in the span of a year. I prefer to take milk thistle as a tea or a capsule supplement if I feel I a quick bit of it. Take note that milk thistle is also safe for dogs.

Maca root is a great source of cellular energy and has been shown to have benefits for reproductive health. I like to use Maca root as a supplement to my smoothies.

Dong Quai supports the immune system and lowers inflammation. It has also been shown improve blood flow and hormonal balance. I use this full spectrum herb capsule.

Holy Basil balances the stress hormone, cortisol. It is easily grown indoors and smells decadent. This is my favorite tea.

Ashwagandha is another adaptogen that reduces cortisol but can also feel like a stimulant to some people who are sensitive to it. It is a powerful source of energy and nutrients. I like this source because it utilizes ginger and black pepper to make it more effective.

Amla Berry preserves collagen in the skin and tones all tissues. It is beneficial to the outside view of aging as well as the inside tone of tissues and organs. This is my favorite organic source.

Even though it's not an herb, Reiki has proven to have balancing effects to keep hormone's balanced and energy moving smoothly. Secrets of Sedona offers long distance Reiki starting at just $10 per session with outstanding results!

Yoga has been an asset in my own hormone balance. Stretching in each direction, creating balance helps the brain stay balanced along with your body. There is an app called FORME Yoga that been a huge part of my own hormone self care regimen. Use Code: WENDY20 to save 20% after your free trial. This helps create a new healthy habit! The free trial is amazing!

I hope this gives you an idea or two of how to approach hormone balance naturally.

Over 30 Hormone Solution

Remember, nothing here is FDA approved. This is for educational reasons only. Please see your doctor for any serious medical concerns because we are required to say this by law. Obviously no one can be responsible for themselves or their own health without the supervision of some authority figure.


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