Thursday, October 10, 2019

Brain Balance Reiki for Brain Health & Recovery

Reiki is an energy healing that utilizes the electrical system in our body. Our electrical system connects all of our other systems: limbic, nervous, endocrine, lympathic, circulatory, and all the rest. Without the proper energy flow, there is shut down, and imbalances develop which eventually cause disease over time.

Reiki can offer balance and clear obstructions in our electrical system which allows all the body system to reconnect and utilize energy more efficiently.

Our brains work off of electrical synapses, which is how information is spread throughout our body. When there is an imbalance in the brain (or injury), energy does not flow how it should. Reiki can provide clearing, balance, and restore energy communication, which gives the brain balance for our physical, emotional, and spiritual body to re-align. Re-alignment will give a person the ability to emotionally balance and feel more centered as well as allow the brain to grow new synapses where there was injury.

Stroke survivors with ABI (Acquired Brain Injury) may find that brain balance Reiki offers a therapy that no other medical offering can provide. People with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) may also find that Reiki offers a sense of wellbeing and inter-connectedness after just one treatment.

UCLA published a paper on the effectiveness of Reiki which can be read by right clicking this link. Reiki is becoming extremely popular in hospitals around the world and is being utilized for brain injury with great success.

In my personal experience, Reiki was the only thing that stopped my seizures during my stroke in 2014, in the hospital. I was a Reiki Master before my stroke and taught my children Reiki to help them sleep better at night. When my son laid his hands on me, the seizures stopped immediately.

My full recovery was in part due to Reiki. Emotional balance, regaining my left side, and staying focused on my recovery were all reachable because of my own Reiki self therapy.

Because of my own success with Reiki, I offer brain balance sessions on a weekly basis, long distance, for only $33 per month. Sessions are 30 minutes long every week and spaces are limited. Please email me from the contact form on the side or directly at (remove spaces) Wendy @ to be included.

There is a free Reiki attunement on the right side bar for your at home Reiki learning, or you can schedule a video conference for your own personal attunement and begin your own Reiki healing journey. Feel free to visit my Reiki page for all options.

May you or your loved one heal with the speed of light.

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