Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Learn Herbs and Remedies for Pets and Animals

Hello friends!

One of the greatest joys and privileges we may experience as herbalists is the ability to share the wisdom of the natural world with others, don’t you agree? We share our creations and herbal advice with friends, family members, and can even spread nature’s magic deeper into our networks through community gardens and more! Although it may not be as obvious, there’s one special population of creatures who can also benefit from herbs: our animals.

Have you ever considered that our animals may have similar stresses and imbalances as we do? In many cases, they live similar lifestyles and may even eat similar foods as their caretakers – it’s not surprising that our pets can experience bouts with digestion issues and stress, too!
Herbs are for everyone – learn how to use them with your pet in our brand new intensive: Herbs for Animals, now live in The Herbarium!

We can use herbalism to care for animals the same way we do for people. It is not always necessary to load our pets up on medications to help them through common ailments; with the right dietary and herbal knowledge, we can support our animal’s wellbeing naturally. Making the choice to use herbs with our animal friends provides a safe, gentle alternative that we can feel confident about!
Discover the herbal holistic approach for animals such as cats, dogs, birds, and more!

In the Herbs for Animals intensive, we’ll be covering important dietary considerations, common ailments, appropriate herbs, as well as the energetic aspects that can help fine-tune our choice of herbs. As with any herbal application, safety and compliance are of paramount importance; through this intensive, you’ll learn tips for dosing and effective administration of herbs to various animals too! However, the physical health of our animal friends is only one part of the equation. As anyone who has had a pet can tell you, animals are highly sensitive and emotional creatures. Ever been in the presence of an anxious dog during a thunderstorm? What about a particularly skittish cat, or an animal who could use a boost of confidence?

We’ll also be diving into flower essences for emotional support as part of our Herbs for Animals intensive. When it comes to the emotional world of animals, flower essences are particularly useful! We’ll be exploring what flower essences are, the situations for which they are particularly suited, and some favorite flower essences to use for animals. This intensive is only available to members of The Herbarium – our robust online reference source for herbalists of all experience levels! The Herbarium membership includes an ever-expanding library of plant monographs, intensives, articles, podcasts, videos, tutorials, and charts, all based on carefully gathered research and the wisdom of many contributing herbalists.

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