Monday, October 7, 2019

Plant Based Protein per Gram

Vegetables are incredibly high in protein, some even more so than a regular steak or piece of meat. The only way that anyone could be lacking in protein is if they are junk food vegans, which a lot of people fall into this category, too, but remember: No judgment!

Here is a quick view into plant based proteins and how much protein is in plants, per serving. Serving sizes are dependent upon each individual food.

Soybeans 29g
Lentils 18g
White Beans 17g
Adzuki Beans 17g
Split Peas 16g
Black Beans 15g
Garbanzo Beans 15g
Kidney Beans 15g
Lima 15g
Black Eyed Peas 14g
Mung Beans 14g
Pinto Beans 14g

Nuts & Seeds
Chia Seed 12g
Hemp Seed 10g
Flax Seed 8g
Sunflower seed 8g
Almonds 7 g
Pumpkin Seeds 7g
Sesame Seeds 7g
Pistachios 6g
Walnuts 5g
Cashews 4g
Pine Nuts 4g

Triticale 25g
Millet 8g
Amaranth 7g
Oats 7g
Wild Rice 7g
Rye 7g
Wheat 6g
Barley 5g
Brown Rice 5g
Quinoa 5g
Spelt 5g

Peas 9g
Potatoes with skin 5g
Mushrooms 5g
Corn 5g
Artichoke 4g
Avocado 4g
Brussel Sprouts 4g
Broccoli 4g
Collard Greens 4g
Fennel 3g
Sweet Potato 3g
Swiss Chard 3g
Kale 2.5g
Asparagus 2g
Beets 2g
Cauliflower 2g
Carrots 2g
Green Beans 2g

As you can see, protein can be easily met without much trying, so can iron and all the other minerals. The only vitamin that should be supplemented when going completely vegan is B12. This is only because our soils are depleted of essential B vitamins. Even animals are supplemented with vitamin B, which is how it is in meat.

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