Monday, November 4, 2019

Multivitamin Infusion Recipe

Did you know that you can make your own raw herbal multivitamin that is vegan?
It is the ultimate way to get all your nutrients in a plant based diet.

Herbs can deliver the essential vitamins and minerals with an herbal infusion that is easy for the body to absorb. Dehydration of herbs is a slow process, retaining all of the nutritive benefits that raw foods have.

This recipe is my base recipe for all my herbal teas and infusions. This herbal multivitamin tea recipe is kid safe. Kids would want to drink 2 cups to replace a multi-vitamin and adults would want to drink a full 8 oz to pack in the natural benefits or replace a multi-vitamin.

Everything in (parenthesis) is my personal recommendation and what I use.


2 parts alfalfa (This is what I use.)
2 parts peppermint (or spearmint) (This is what I use out of season.)
2 parts powdered rosehips (you can use dried rosehips, too) (This is what I personally use.)
1 part stinging nettle leaf (This is what I use.)
1 part oatstraw (This is what I use.)
1 part red raspberry leaf (This is my source.)
1 part powdered dandelion root (you can use chopped up dried roots as well, or fresh if you have them available) (This is what I use.)
1 part sage leaf (This is where I source mine out of season.)

Stir your dry mix up and make by the cup with a tea infuser (like this one I have). Store the rest in a tightly sealed jar or container out of sunlight.

Vitamin/Mineral Content
Alfalfa – eight essential amino acids, chlorophyll, iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, potassium, other trace elements, promotes assimilation of other plants
Red Raspberry – Vitamin B, calcium, iron
Nettle – iron, calcium, zinc, chromium, Vitamin D, protein
Rosehips – Vitamin C
Oatstraw – silica, calcium, chromium
Dandelion Root – sodium, iron
Peppermint – potassium, phosphorus
Sage – Vitamin K

To give your tea some added benefits for those days when you need a bit more:

Add a pinch of cayenne for pain relief.
Add a pinch of chamomile for extra detox power and adrenal support.
Add a pinch of lemongrass to brighten your mental focus.
Add a pinch of hibiscus to add nourishment. (Hibiscus will turn your infusion a pretty pink or red color, which kids love!)
Add a pinch of red clover herb for women’s issues and heart health.
Add a pinch of horsetail to help shed excess water weight.

To replace your gatorade or other chemical hydration drinks:
Add a pinch of Himalayan pink salt for electrolytes.
Add a tsp of raw local honey for allergies and to balance blood sugar.

You can customize your herbal multivitamin infusion however you like. By adding some raw honey to sweeten it to your taste, you can keep a pitcher in the refrigerator for the kids to drink at will. It is a great replacement for sugary drinks.

Stay Plant Happy and Healthy!

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