Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Top 5 Herbs to Start Your Herbal Medicine Cabinet

Starting an herbal remedy medicine cabinet (or apothecary) is easy on the pocketbook and easy to do. The following herbs and plants are great to have on hand and are very easy to work with.


Great for: insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, colds, stuffy noses, tension, irritability, gas, indigestion, upset stomach, sore muscles, & is even safe for teething babies! Can help with bladder infections, kidney issues, and calming adrenals.

I keep the loose herb on hand, as well as in tea form as an easy herbal remedy . For babies, soak a washcloth in chamomile tea, ring it out, and let them chew on it for teething relief. Chamomile is a powerful plant with gentle properties that almost anyone can use.


Great for: boosting immunity, fever, colds, flu, coughs, sore throat, parasites, indigestion, ear infections, coughs, and is an over all general tonic.

I keep pure garlic powder on hand (no fillers) to add to everything I make: casseroles, soups, roasting vegetables, and my own spice blends. I also mince up garlic, put it in a small jar airtight jar, pour olive oil in it. Keep it in the refrigerator and you’ll have minced garlic. (It saves a ton of money and you can add ginger, too!)


Great for: relieving cramps (menstrual and muscle), headaches, fibromyalgia pain, indigestion, insomnia, nausea, and is a powerful aromatic herbal remedy.

I use peppermint in many ways. I always have a blend of mint tea on hand. I grow peppermint to juice every morning. I keep a small bag of dried peppermint on hand for when the kids get stuffy noses. I’ll heat up some water, add some peppermint leaf and essential oils to create a sinus steam. It works super fast. Keep tissues handy!


Great for: anxiety, keeping calm, restlessness, nervousness, fevers, colds, flu, and is a powerful anti viral.

Lemon balm is one of the key herbal remedy ingredients a person can have.

I keep a triple tincture of Lemon Balm on hand always. If you’ve ever used Rescue Remedy, it works in the same way. Just add some tincture to your tea.


Great for congestion (inhalation only) and as an insect repellent. Only use eucalyptus externally.

I add eucalyptus to the herbal remedy steam along with peppermint when my kids get sick. I use a dried leaf form for that. For bug spray, I use an essential oil added to rose water. Eucalyptus is also a key ingredient for a natural, homemade flea spray for dogs.

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