Monday, January 6, 2020

Natural Remedy Book Club Choice: The Secret Life of Plants

Natural Remedy Book Club Choice: The Secret Life of Plants

Explore the inner world of plants and its fascinating relation to mankind, as uncovered by the latest discoveries of science. A perennial bestseller.

In this truly revolutionary and beloved work, drawn from remarkable research, Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird cast light on the rich psychic universe of plants. Now available in a new edition, The Secret Life of Plants explores plants' response to human care and nurturing, their ability to communicate with man, plants' surprising reaction to music, their lie-detection abilities, their creative powers, and much more. Tompkins and Bird's classic book affirms the depth of humanity's relationship with nature and adds special urgency to the cause of protecting the environment that nourishes us.


This book is one of the books that sent me into the depths of plant life, learning the energy of every plant that surrounded me. For the longest time, I couldn't even pick a weed from my garden without feeling like I was betraying it. I've chosen this book because it is truly astounding and will change how you view plants. This work should be the foundation of any herbalist or botanist.

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