Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Virus Prevention Anyone Can Do Now

Regardless of where COVID 19 came from, what the story is, or how it has shut down the world, there are preventative measures that one can take immediately that you may not be aware of. I'm just going to get right to the point. Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this post. When you purchase from one of our links, we are credited a few cents for sharing the information.

1. Increase FIBER intake. When a virus enters the body, one of the first lines of defense in your immune system that it disengages is your intestines. Have you ever noticed that when you are sick with a flu or with a cold, constipation usually accompanies it? Bowel movements are essential to moving toxins, viruses, and harmful bacteria out of the body. If the bowel isn't functioning optimally, a virus will have an increased rate at development and symptoms will begin to arise.

To increase your fiber quickly, my family and I use these Fiber gummies. They taste good and they work. You'll want 2 per day for each member of your family in any flu season, not just the corona virus pandemic.

2. Stay hydrated. Hydration is an essential part of any kind of health preventative measure. For optimal hydration, my family and I use coconut water in our daily smoothie, and we make our own hydration drink to avoid the sugar. (Sugar info coming!)

Here is our Hydration Recipe:

4 Cups of Water
1 Tablespoon of Himalayan Pink Salt
1 Tablespoon of Raw Honey

Bring to a simmer and then let cool to room temperature. You can refrigerate it but we drink ours room temperature. Manuka honey has a lot of healing properties for the gut and would be a great choice for this drink.

3. AVOID Sugar. Sugar, even in small amounts, creates an immune response. If you are a sugar addict, you'll want to decrease your sugar intake slowly, over time. Sugar detox can mimic the flu in itself if done too quickly. Accompany any sugar detox with fresh squeezed lemon water, which will help cleanse the blood and balance pH. (Cauliflower is also a great food to help with sugar detox as it lessens cravings.)

4. Boost Your Immunity with Elderberry. Elderberry has a huge nutritional panel, but even moreso, it has the ability to stop a virus from multiplying. It literally captures the virus and disables it. You can make your own elderberry syrup recipe (there is one here on this website) or you can purchase it. When I buy elderberry syrup, I buy this brand.

These other elderberry products are just as effective:
Elderberry tea
Elderberry gummies
Elderberry tincture (I also have this available for $11.99 plus shipping. Mine is organic.)

5. Make your own sanitizer. Most anti-bacterial hand sanitizers do nothing to prevent the spread of viruses. They are made to prevent bacterial infection.

Here is my super simple, anti viral recipe.

Use this sanitizer on your shopping carts, steering wheel, handles, atm, and other places that you touch in your community. Then spray it into your hands and rub your hands together, even after washing.

It makes your skin soft and it smells great. My favorite combo is frankincense and lemongrass.

6. Avoid Panic. Panic and stress release the hormone cortisol which lowers the immune system response. Practice meditation, learn new skills, listen to music, paint, watch positive movies and read positive material. Surround yourself with calm. Now is the perfect time to learn Reiki and learn to self heal!

More than ever, it is a time to use common sense and stay calm. Work with your community to insure everyone's safety. Stay healthy everyone.

Viral Care information will be posted later this week.
Stay Upbeat.

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