Friday, August 21, 2020

Heal: Book Review for Teens

Last night, right before I went to bed, I received a Ping on my google alert about my book Heal. I could barely sleep last night and I am still getting tears reading it. This was the hardest book to write because it is so personal, and this one review made the pain of reliving it all, worth it.
I copy and pasted the review. I'm going to reach out to this person because they really boosted my confidence. After Michael passed, I just didn't care about it. Yesterday was the 5 month mark for my book release. Today is the 5 month mark for his passing.
This book is my biggest flop in sales. It was the hardest to write, the most powerful, and nobody cared.... including me. I couldn't even give it away in stroke recovery groups. But this person, who sounds like a teenager.... just lit a fire in me.
Link to the book is below. I have a handful of copies if you want to buy one from me. They are $15 when you purchase directly from me.
Heal, Reclaim And Reinvent Your Life
This book is about a woman who suffered a massive stroke in 2014. In her recovery she fought many battles; people and her brain damage both posed to be a challenge. In order to complete this task to recover; she had to tap deep inside of herself to recenter body, mind, and soul.
My Review:
I appreciate so many angles, this book could actually help people. While yes, it is a guide for stroke patients it tells a far deeper story. People of all kinds are in this world, and some are more challenging to be around than others. This book helps teach you how to handle people, and how to reflect on yourself without hurting them or you. Between nutrition, mental health, and physical health it’s a powerful book to hold. Like, I go back and read parts to help me deal with tough situations regarding life.
Everything that was in her head during that time has been placed on paper. You get such an insight on the things that we’ve all thought and how to deal with them. Negative thoughts we repeat from other people or thoughts summoned by bad habits. This book educates you on how to handle these thoughts among so many other life issues we all face.
Many people don’t recognize how much our nutritional health effects our mental health. This book gives you some nutritional facts that will help feed your mind for a better life.
Struggles in life never fade entirely. We always have problems and negative influences that effect us. It is important to be educated how to deal with all life throws our way. It’s important to know the choices you have and how they effect your future. It’s important to be fit in your mind enough to have the strength to recognize the choices presented, and to have the strength to make them. The perspectives this book offers is second to none.
The only thing I’d change about this book is the title. I think that some things should be altered to focus more on teens and young adults rather then just stroke patients. I think that if many teens and young adults had this book it could help them make better decisions for themselves. We lack education in this subject and I believe this book could guide so many.
I’m so proud of this woman for sharing her story with the world.

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