Thursday, October 22, 2020

Easy Fermenter Review for Safe, Home Fermenting and Gut Health and Healing

The easy fermenter has been making it’s way through healthy kitchens in lightning bolt speed. I also jumped aboard this trend, because eating fermented foods is extremely important to health. My daughter is recovering from Leaky Gut and this little contraption has helped her feel normal, again.

If fermenting food at home has been a struggle for you, or you wanted to learn how to ferment food at home, this is a great option for you!

The Easy Fermenter

Here are their claims and my feedback is in italics and bold:
★MOLD FREE FERMENTS – EVERY TIME – Our water less airlock valve technology lets carbon escape. But also makes sure zero oxygen can enter. So no exploding jars that need burping. And most importantly – no mold. We have even included a extractor pump to suck out the oxygen during the later stages of your ferments. All this without having to deal with those clunky 3 piece water filled airlocks. (I found this to be absolutely true! Usually with other batches, I would have at least half the batch mold. This alone made the purchase worth it for me!)
★BUILT IN DATE TRACKER – One of the challenges with fermenting is getting the timing right. Too soon, your batch is salty and raw. Too long it’s sour and not eatable. Our date setter keeps track when your ferment started so you always know when it’s almost complete. Perfect tasting batches every time. (This is a nice feature!)
★INTEGRATED EASY RELEASE TAB – There are few things as frustrating as those jars that just won’t open. You waited patiently for 30 days for your batch of sauerkraut to finish, only to be held hostage by a lid that’s jammed. So we incorporated an easy twist tab into the Easy Fermenter. This ensures you have all the leverage to open those hard to crack jars. We think you are going to love it. (This is a real thing! This is one of the biggest frustrations with fermenting food at home. The easy fermenter is easy to open.)
★THE LOW PROFILE LETS YOU FERMENT OUT OF THE WAY – We love fermenting. But we don’t always love having our ferments on our countertop. Our lids are a fraction of the size of those clunky three piece airlocks. This means we can store our jars almost anywhere a mason jar can fit. Getting those 30 day ferments out of the way. (This is a nice benefit!)
★WE WILL HELP YOU FERMENT – For a limited time you get a FREE membership to The Fermenting Club. This includes 1) 30 page getting started guide 2) Fermenting recipe e-cookbook 3)And access to our ask the experts forum where you can get any fermenting question answered by our team of pros ?100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Kits includes 3 Wide Mouth lids(Wide Mouth Jar Not Included) and Vacuum Pump Included – All Components BPA Free and Food Safe (I personally did not need this but this is a great option for people who are new to fermenting!)

I give the Easy Fermenter 4 out of 4 stars:
**** It’s Affordable!
**** It does what it claims to do!
**** It enriches my family life.
**** It is easy for anyone to access.

Grab your Easy Fermenter today!

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