Thursday, October 22, 2020

Learn to Use Lemon Balm and Grow it to Treat Your Anxiety and PTSD

Lemon balm is a plant my family pets like a kitten. We should name our lemon balm plants because we are always walking by and petting them, releasing the lemony aroma that makes everyone just happy. Lemon balm is a like a plant of sunshine.

Lemon balm should be grown a lot like mint. Keep those roots in pots, barrels, or have a deep barrier. They do well in either full sun or partial. I have lemon balm in several different places scattered around my little homestead. They are happy little plants almost everywhere.

Lemon balm is great for anxiety, relaxing, stress, and headaches. Because it is also cooling, it makes a great addition to your iced tea on summer afternoons.

I like to triple this tincture, meaning I make the tincture 3 times with the same liquid. This formula has been a lifesaver for panic attacks, anxiety, and overly stressful days when the world just will not cooperate.

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Grab some Lemon Balm seeds here and keep them in containers also. Cut the flowers and keep them from going to seed or they will be everywhere, like all the other mint family plants.

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