Thursday, October 22, 2020

Sugar Scrub Recipe

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DIY Coconut Lime Body Exfoliating Sugar Scrub Recipe

3 Simple Ingredients
Coconut Oil- soothes and protects the skin leaving it soft and supple. It is abundant in fatty acids and great for all skin types. I use virgin, unrefined.
Lime Essential Oil– Its crisp aroma is uplifting, refreshing and cleansing to the body and mind.
Pure Cane Sugar- Exfoliates dead skin cells revealing the healthy glowing skin.


In a bowl mix the following. Store in a BPA FREE Plastic container
½ cup Pure Cane Sugar
1/4-1/2 cup Virgin Coconut Oil
15 drops Lime Essential Oil

Note: This recipe is meant to be used on the body, not the face. Add more coconut oil as needed, to the consistency you desire. Remember, coconut oil is solid at room temperature. Blend ingredients well with a small spatula or soon. It will be a thicker, creamier consistency, which is different then most scrubs made with a liquid carrier oil. This is what makes it unique!

If you want a facial scrub, just use a fractionated coconut oil in replacement of the solid virgin coconut oil. I use this kind.

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