Saturday, November 14, 2020

Customized Herbal Horse Blends Coming Soon to Our Etsy Shop!

My herbal presence locally here in Arizona is most known for the customized healing blends I make for horses. While I have been making blends for years, I was only doing it for family and my own herd. When my vet discovered I made blends, she really pushed me into creating more blends to help more horses. It has been an absolute honor.

We have seen incredible success with a few blends that I'll be offering on our Etsy shop for purchase.

I have created the following base blends that are ready to be customized to the healing needs of your equine best friend!



Farrier's Choice

Ulcerative Colitis

Inflammation Buster

Fertility Blend

Arthritis and Joint Support

Cooling Digestive

Respiratory Support

Valley Fever

Immune Booster

Melanoma Care Blend

Liver Support

Thyroid Support

Pituitary Support

Kidney Support

Lymphatic Support

Endurance Blend for Quick Recovery

I am here for your natural horse healing needs.

Keep an eye on the Etsy shop: 

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