Dr. Rae has 2 different coaching programs for you to choose from. Each coaching program is uniquely designed by Dr. Rae. Below is a brief synopsis of each program along with testimonials to help you choose the best coaching program to achieve the results you are looking for.

Clients come from all walks of life. Dr. Rae is an open and loving presence for all religious backgrounds, LGBTQ communities, Polyamory relationships, and other alternative lifestyles. Her priority is to help you feel heard, acknowledged, and validated.

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Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching is designed for the person wanting to live life from a higher vibration of integrated body, mind, and soul. This program elevates your personal life, professional life, and implements an intuitive growth element to help you in every aspect of living. Spiritual Life Coaching is distance friendly and can be done through the internet or on the phone if you do not reside in the Phoenix, AZ area.

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"I am an empath and was in a long term relationship with a narcissist. I had no hope of ever being able to leave the relationship let alone trust, again. Dr. Rae guided me to create a self care program, helped me increase my income secretly, and even helped me create an escape plan. After I left successfully, Dr. Rae helped me keep my self care program to heal from the damage the narcissist created. 2 years later, I found the love of my life! Dr. Rae helped me trust, again, and not repeat the same pattern. I might be dead without her. I consider her one of my closest allies. I would trust her with my life." Jill in Peoria, AZ

"Being with Dr. Rae is like sitting with someone I've known forever. Even in our first phone dialog, she was present and really there. I felt heard and I knew she saw me for who I was, not what everyone judges me to be. She is a treasured confidant and spiritual mentor. I am blessed by her." ~Sherri O in Vancouver, WA

"I am not ashamed to admit that my wife and I were having a rough patch due to my perception of how family was supposed to relate. Dr. Rae handled our difficulty and somehow created a space where we both felt the pressures of *what should be* just dissipate. We are forever grateful for your work with us." John & Fiona S in Portland, OR

Stroke Recovery Coaching

As a massive cerebellum stroke survivor, Dr. Rae has a full awareness of what stroke recovery patients need for complete recovery support. Dr. Rae will share recovery tools, resources, and help each patient create their unique recovery path. Each stroke is different and every patient is different. Having a supportive, non-judgmental person to guide you through to recovery can make all the difference between recovering or becoming another sad statistic.

"In just one session, Dr. Rae gave me the tools to walk unassisted within a week. I still cannot believe no one within my medical team gave me the information she did. I am forever grateful. I will be able to support my family, again." Donna in Pittsburgh, PA

"I had lost hope. They said I'd never get my arm back after 2 years of no progress. Within 2 months of weekly coaching with Dr. Rae, I started seeing progress in spasticity. I know I'll have my left side back now that I have the tools to help my brain heal the damage that the stroke caused. Dr. Rae didn't just give me hope, she's giving me my life back when no one else bothered to care about my progress. This woman is my angel." Jared in Marysville, WA

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*Coaching programs start at $99 per month. Single sessions are also available.