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Learning Reiki

Learning Reiki could be one of the most important decisions you make. Reiki is not only an incredible healing modality, but is also a self care tool that can help you become a better person with greater health. Reiki offers a higher natural awareness while integrating your higher self into every day practice at your own pace.

In Reiki training, there are 3 levels: Reiki I, Reiki II, and Master Reiki. Reiki I and II both focus on self development and understanding subtle energy, chakras, and its uses for healing the self, pets, plants, & others. Master Reiki provides training for the professional healer or massage therapist.

Imagine your best friend having a terrible anxiety attack. With Reiki training, you are not helpless to stand by and watch, but have the skill set to ease her energy and speak to her spiritual body for her own self care management. Reiki creates a safe space with gentle energy that eases anxiety, pain, tension, fear, and has proven beneficial as a complimentary therapy for cancer and hospice patients.

With your Reiki training, you can deliver a source of comfort for your closest family and friends. With Master Reiki training, you can start your own Reiki practice and help many others. All types of of attunements are equally effective, pick the one below that works best for you.

Personal Reiki Attunments
Beginning your Reiki journey has never been more easy! If you live in the Phoenix, Arizona region, Dr. Rae can attune you in person. However, if you live elsewhere, Dr. Rae can attune you with a phone or internet session.

Self Attunements

Perhaps you are more of a DIY type of person and would prefer to learn on your own with a guide. Dr. Rae wrote a DIY Reiki Guide with Self Attunments available on Amazon for under $10. Certificates of Completion are included as your progress through your learning. 

Receiving In Person Reiki Healing
$33 for 30 minutes

If you live in the Phoenix Metro area, you are welcome to come to Dr. Rae's Reiki studio in Surprise.

If you do not live in her area, long distance sessions are available for the same cost as if you were local.

Daily Reiki Group Sessions
$33 per month

Join the Reiki cleansing, balancing, and healing group and receive 30 minutes of general Reiki every day to help you heal long term and stay balanced for overall well-being.

Weekly Reiki Group Sessions
$33 per month

Join the weekly specialized Reiki group with an hour of healing that surrounds current events, empath care, Schumann resonance, astrological influences as well as other influences.

Monthly Reiki Group Session

Join the monthly, deep Reiki healing group with an afternoon of healing. Our most inclusive healing event of the month includes: Chakra cleansing, balancing, healing; Aura cleansing; Karmic cleansing; Spiritual cleansing; and Manifestation boosting.

Want all the Reiki Healing at a discount?

Get all the Reiki healing above including 2 personal sessions per month for $99.

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